Stories from Wimberley 1928-29


New Journalism Project is pleased to announce the publication of a new book available at

Stories from Wimberley 1928-29 by Eleanor Jennings provides a glimpse into small town life in the Texas Hill Country in the last century.  Eleanor Jennings was eight years old when she moved to Wimberley.  Her stories are childhood memories of family gatherings, school, the Wimberley Square, and the natural beauty of Cypress Creek and Blue Hole. 

The author’s daughter, Ann de Rouffignac, compiled the stories, family photos, and historical photos that enhance the written words.  The author, Eleanor Jennings, died in 2019.  New Journalism Project is pleased to mark what would have been the author’s 100th birthday with the publication of her stories.

John W. Poe, an officer of the Wimberley Institute of Cultures, knows local history is familiar with Eleanor Jennings’ childhood home.  He writes:

Eleanor Jennings’ stories really make the history of Wimberley in the late 1920s come alive.  The Wimberley Institute of Cultures (WIC)… was fortunate to acquire and preserve the old Wimberley-Hughes House a few years ago.  Eleanor Jennings lived in the house at the time of her stories which makes them all the more special to us.

Peter Wray, the founder of Blue Hole Park, says:

I have been coming to Wimberley continuously since 1945 to a house my grandfather built.  It is just downstream on the Cypress Creek from the Rock House.  Eleanor Jennings’ stories bring alive the life in Wimberley in 1928 and 1929 and will be treasured by our entire family.

And Mike August, formerly with Houston’s Pacifica radio station KPFT, and more recently involved with Wimberley Valley Radio, provides this insight:

These stories show how much and how little Wimberley has changed over the years.

New Journalism Project is pleased to collaborate with the author’s daughter in the publication of these stories.  The book’s cover, designed by Carlos Lowry, features a Hill Country vista painted by a relative of the author.