Part of Living


New Journalism Project is pleased to announce the publication of a collection of poetry by Austin writer, Charlotte Herzele. These poems reflect the author’s rich and varied journey through life with keen observation, heartfelt grief, humor, and joy.  You can find the professor, the belly dancer, the Tarot reader, the loving partner, and the joyful grandmother on these pages. Above all, Charlotte’s words reflect her zest for living. The book is available on and Amazon.

Charlotte must be possessed of something special. Maybe it is the voice of a never lost child insider her soul that guides her and speaks to her of people and places and things. It manifests outwardly in beautiful lifestyle, love of family, and a spirit of generosity and kindness that sits alongside a dichotomy of wry humor, ready laughter, and sharp wit. Now, through her poems, that voice reveals itself to us and shares the wise secrets.

Kimmie Rhodes – Singer-songwriter, author of Radio Dreams.